Dinner tonight, breakfast & lunch tomorrow

Dinner tonight was some lacinato kale raw salad (check out the recipe from the Times), garlic bread and a great pasta dish.  Actually, it was more of a bean dish as I only had about a 1/4 cup of pasta.  I cooked dried lima beans in the slow cooker and then sauteed some garlic in olive oil with chopped rosemary and marjoram.  I added some halved cherry tomatoes and the beans along with some of the bean cooking liquid.  Salt, pepper, capers and a few red pepper flakes and a few leftover roasted potato bits and the cooked pasta made the meal.  The beans broke down and formed a creamy sauce that tasted great with the rosemary and tomatoes.  Easy and delicious.

Tomorrow morning, we will be eating some muesli inspired by The New Wholegrains Cookbook by Robin Asbell.  I was waiting in line at the Coop and started reading this book – great ideas, this one is one to buy.  The recipe I used was from memory, but I just found it written out (Google is magic).  I am really excited for this as I love apples and oats and Saveur just did a huge breakfast issue with a love letter to muesli.  Lunch will be a mixture of the lacinato salad and leftover bean/pasta dish.

2 Comments on “Dinner tonight, breakfast & lunch tomorrow”

  1. Robin Asbell says:

    I’m thrilled that you are enjoying the cookbook- it was a labor of love to put all my most popular whole grain recipes in one place.
    thanks for mentioning it.
    If you are interested, Zoe at zoebakes.com posted the pumpkin apple streusel recipe, complete with step by step photos.

    Keep on eating those delicious grains!
    Robin Asbell

  2. tinaspins says:

    Robin, thanks for visiting the site and pointing me to that pumpkin apple streusel!! Perfect for fall and my zillions of apples from apple picking.

    I am eating your muesli right now and WOW. It will be getting a full post with pictures. Delicious!

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