Every little thing counts

Below is one of the receipts from this week’s groceries. I completely forgot I bought an extra $2 of food things at the beginning of the week, so tack it on to the $19.30 below ($21.30). Plus, there are about $5.6(?) of extras from another Coop receipt that Phil has in a pocket somewhere ($26.9?). I miss buying lots of cheese.

OK for some reason, it doesn’t want to show the jpg of the receipt.  GRARG!  Figures.  Maybe later you’ll get to see what we bought.


One Comment on “Every little thing counts”

  1. bourgeoisbee says:

    I saw your blog mentioned in the comments in the NY Times on a $20 meal for 4. Your $30/week is a very cool concept/blog. Keep up the good work!

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