Update: $3.50 left for the week

I bought 4 challah rolls yesterday for $1 for the “turkey” burgers. Which means $3.50 left for the week…what to do? Eggs or flour? I might have people over for dinner on Sunday too. Yipes. In terms of vegetables, all is well, but I’m glad that we’ll be out of town for the bulk of next week.

Phil and I are participating in Braking the Cycle, a 275-mile bike ride/fundraiser for HIV Services at The LGBT Center in Manhattan. We managed to raise over $3,500 each and I’m pretty proud of us and the rest of our team members (go RIMS!). We leave Thursday at 1pm and get back late on Sunday – this means that next week’s food money can go to buying bulk items that are going quickly (i.e. flour, rice, dried beans, etc.).

It’s pretty amazing how you start using everything in the pantry when you do a crazy project like this. Granted, during the summer we subsisted on lots of salads of fresh veggies and sandwiches and didn’t use many of our languishing grains, but brisker weather and this project have me dipping into our bulk jars. I’m also looking forward to using some of the money to buy Emergen-C packets which are about $9 for a big pack at the Coop.


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