Here are a couple pictures of the things Tina has been making over the past couple of days. I can’t take any credit because I’ve been sick and trying not to contaminate our dinner with my heinous germs.

First off is the most recent effort in her continuing quest to recreate the vegan sesame banana agave muffins we had at Birdbath*. This one came in loaf form.

There’s something that Birdbath does in order to make the sesame seed crust of their muffins extremely crispy. I’d guess it was deep fried, except that it’s not at all greasy (unlike, say, the sesame and red bean balls you get at a Chinatown bakery). So far we haven’t been able to figure out exactly how to do it. In any case, the results are always very tasty, so this extended scientific method remains high on trials but low on errors.

Second, here is a very picturesque breakfast parfait made from homemade yogurt, homemade apple ginger jelly, and almonds. Note the reuseable to-go container for easy subway portage.

As I write this, Tina is finishing up some homemade veggie turkey burgers which include Coors Light as a feature ingredient. Recipe forthcoming.

*Which, when we visited, was sporting a really nice bicycle portrait by Taliah Lempert, who we had recently seen at Brooklyn Flea.

3 Comments on “Evidence”

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  2. Janice Cook says:

    What a healthy parfait! May I ask, how many days in advance can you make something like this? We try to make a week’s worth of yogurt on the weekend so I’m wondering if we made these parfaits if they would make it a week? What do you think?

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