New Week, New Dollars

I still have the cauliflower left from last week. Not sure what I’m going to make with it yet, but it’s there in the crisper waiting in its wrapper. Roasted? Mashed? Stir fried? I know I have to use it soon.

We got lucky this week as my mom came to visit and brought a few tomatoes and some cucumbers from her garden AND my boss had a bag full of some superripe tomatoes, hot red peppers, an eggplant and 2 tiny purple peppers that I grabbed. I’m thinking of making some pepper-infused oil and already used the tomatoes and purple pepper and mom’s cukes for a delicious gazpacho. Since some of the tomatoes were extremely ripe, I decided to make some more of Bittman’s Tomato Jam – I highly recommend this recipe! The first time I made it, I used plenty of ginger and it really complimented the tomatoes. There was no ginger around last night, so I just improvised a bit and it still came out tasting amazing. Photo to come.

As for this week. The roundup:

  1. Veggie dogs
  2. Veggie “bacon”
  3. Veggie ground “turkey”
  4. 1% Milk
  5. Dried cranberries
  6. Almonds raw (whole)
  7. Almonds sliced
  8. Bunch of radishes
  9. Onions (3lb bag)
  10. 4 peaches
  11. 1 avocado
  12. 1lb bag of carrots
  13. Salad mix
  14. White mushrooms
  15. Parsley
  16. Loaf of Bread
  17. 4 apples
  18. 4 pears
  19. 2 red peppers
  20. 1 red onion

TOTAL: $23.50

I have no idea what I’m making with this stuff yet.  I really want to make these cookies though.


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